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Recruitment Entrepreneur Investment Platform Launches for the Japan Market

The global recruitment market has been constantly growing over the past several years and does not look to slow down any time soon.  Recent data from various global sources puts the US, Japan and the UK as the top 3 recruitment industry sales regions. In addition, Japan’s recruitment industry is now over 8 trillion JPY and continuing to grow year on year since 2015.    

With these recent trends, it was just a matter of time before Recruitment Entrepreneur brought their industry knowledge, investment backing and leadership experience to the Japan market. Daniel McGrath, CEO & Local Partner and Simon Childs, Non-Executive Director lead the executive team and are creating a game-changing platform for experienced recruiters in Jap an.  


Daniel has close to 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry in Japan.  He has extensive knowledge of the local market and has successfully built strong relationships with key stakeholders across the recruitment sector here. He has held numerous leadership roles and is currently Managing Partner at Japan's premier healthcare-focused recruitment firm, Titan Consulting K.K., where he successfully grew the company from the ground up to now employ +35 professionals.  Along the journey, they have also launched separate business divisions including Titan GreenTech and Titan Business Innovation.

Simon has more than 2 decades of experience building, selling, buying, and facilitating management buy-outs in the recruitment space across Asia, totaling approximately US$100m. Simon co-founded CDS, a leading MNC recruitment business in Japan which today has over 200 staff and a gross profit of $50M. Simon helped build the business from scratch and scaled it to a successful exit, when he sold the business to Recruit Holdings - Japan and Asia’s largest HR Services group - in December 2007. He spent the next 13 years helping build Recruit’s permanent recruitment businesses in Asia, and after operational spells in Hong Kong and Mumbai, he became an Advisor to the Board in 2013, through 2020.

The Recruitment Entrepreneur platform is a global investment platform created by James Caan, CBE, a high-caliber, serial entrepreneur and investor. Recruitment Entrepreneur is a seed capital investment company which invests in small or start-up agencies that want to grow and eventually exit and sell.  James has a proven track-record of investing in companies, growing them and selling within a 5-year period instead of 15 or more which is typical for most companies to grow to a size where they are a valuable investment for potential buyers. 

Together, James, Dan and Simon bring a wealth of knowledge, insight, mentorship and hands-on operation and strategy to the business.  The platform allows people a chance to reduce the risk of starting up an agency using their personal income and the energy it takes to run and grow a credible recruitment agency and provides both equity and growth potential paired with operational, financial, administrative and even mentoring support.

For anyone in Japan that has a solid track record of recruitment experience and an entrepreneurial mindset for growth, reach out to Dan or Simon directly or visit the Recruitment Entrepreneur Japan website and apply for an appointment online.